Sentence Examples

  • In this work Bacon makes a vehement attack upon the ignorance and vices of the clergy and monks, and generally upon the insufficiency of the existing studies.
  • Christianity was essentially a proselytizing religion, not content to appeal simply to one class or race of people, and to be one among many faiths, but believing in the falsity or insufficiency of all others and eager to convert the whole world.
  • The growing sense of the insufficiency of this treatment towards the close of the.
  • Soluble Prussian blue, K2Fe2[Fe(NC)6]2, potassium ferric ferrocyanide, is formed when a solution of potassium ferrocyanide is added to an insufficiency of a solution of a ferric salt (t), or when potassium ferricyanide is added to a ferrous salt (2): (t) 2K 4 Fe(NC) 6 + 2FeC1 3 = 6KC1 + K2Fe2[Fe(NC)6]2 (2) 2K 3 Fe(NC)s + 2FeC1 2 = 4KC1 -{- K2Fe2[Fe(NC)s]z.
  • Apart, however, from self-defence, the main causes of war are four: (I) The desire for territorial expansion, due to the overgrowth of population, and insufficiency of the available food-supply; if the necessary territory cannot be obtained by negotiation, conquest becomes the only alternative to emigration to foreign lands.

What's another word for insufficiency?

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