Sentence Examples

  • Following that debacle, Washington went on to release a public service announcement against the use of hate speech, met with gay leaders and agreed to a psychological assessment and counseling.
  • Shortly after the incident, Simpson called MTV's Total Request Live and explained that the Saturday Night Live debacle was due to an acid reflux condition that caused her to lose her voice.
  • When this product was finally released, it was too late for a number of reasons, including timing-the financial crisis and bond debacle in 2008 coincided with its launch.
  • This debacle or "scandal" as some would see it is really just a sign of growing pains from an activity that once included simply "yelling" from the side lines.
  • Corporate scandals of recent years, from the Savings and Loan debacle to the Enron and Arthur Anderson Scandal, have made consumers wary of big businesses.