Sentence Examples

  • Dusty gave Damian a cool look, and he heard the unspoken warning about women being the downfall of mankind.
  • Causes of this were (I) the peace-loving luxury (born of commercial wealth and contact with Oriental life) of the great Ionian cities of Asia; (2) the tameness with which they submitted first to Lydia and to Persia, then to Athenian pretensions, then to Sparta, and finally to Persia again; (3) the decadence and downfall of Athens, which still counted as Ionian and had claimed (since Solon's time) seniority among " Ionian " states.
  • Fox's India Bill led to the downfall of the Coalition ministry in 1783.
  • I, 2; for a critical examination of the story and its connexion with the downfall of the decemvirs, see Sir G.
  • George himself as a boy of fourteen took part in the great battle of Lipan, which marks the downfall of the more advanced Taborites.

What's another word for downfall?

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