Sentence Examples

  • The downfall of the temporal power was hailed throughout Italy with unbounded enthusiasm.
  • He was instrumental in the establishment of the Revolutionary Tribunal and contributed to the downfall of the Girondists.
  • It divided the Whigs into "Cotton Whigs" and "Conscience Whigs," and in time led to the downfall of the party.
  • In November 1898 he was elected president of the senate, and in June 1900 succeeded in forming a "Cabinet of pacification" after the Obstructionist crisis which had caused the downfall of General Pelloux.
  • Upon this apparently trifling question arose a controversy which lasted many years, occupied several universities, and led to the interposition of personages no less important than the pope and the emperor, but which is thought to have largely contributed to the final downfall of the Arabian medicine.

What's another word for downfall?

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