Sentence Examples

  • Wispohahp is the Aht Noah, who, with his wife, his two brothers and their wives escaped from the deluge in a canoe.
  • The same explanation may be applied to Greek and Aztec myths of the deluge, to Australian and Greek myths of the original theft of fire.
  • Among other mythic Egyptian figures we have Ra, who once destroyed men in his wrath with circumstances suggestive of the Deluge; Khnum, a demiurge, is.represented at Philae as making man out of clay on a potter's wheel.
  • Him, to Robert and Maurice and their heirs for ever; and here begins the conflict between feudal and tribal law which was destined to deluge Ireland in blood.
  • " The question starts the invention of the savage on a deluge-myth, of which, perhaps, the idea has never before entered his mind.

What's another word for deluge?

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