Sentence Examples

  • It wasP certainly not a boon for England that her present sovereign was destined to remain within her borders for the greater part of his remaining years.
  • This boon was secured to the colony in 1828, and the press soon became a powerful agent, characterized by public spirit and literary ability.
  • He was born in 1877, and, under the care of his mother, a daughter of the ruling house of Persia, was given not only that religious and oriental education which his position as the religious leader of the Ismailiahs made indispensable, but a sound European training, a boon denied to his father and grandfather.
  • 21-31) had brought the divine boon within reach of all.
  • As a theologian and as a patriot, he is confronted with the problem of Israel's collective repudiation of a boon to which their own history, as he read it, clearly pointed.

What's another word for boon?

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