Sentence Examples

  • "You owe me a boon," she said.
  • Being shorter than everyone else would be a boon this night; she waited until the two were out of sight before fading back toward the house.
  • "Then you will grant me my boon when I choose it," he said in a hard tone.
  • For as yet he had not snatched the perilous boon of wisdom.
  • At that time it was the custom to call up the whole able-bodied population of the manor, with the exception of the housewives for two, three or more days of mowing and reaping on the lord's fields; to these boon-works the peasantry was asked or invited by special summons, and their value was so far appreciated that the villagers were usually treated to meals in cases where they were again and again called off from their own fields to the demesne.

What's another word for boon?

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