Sentence Examples

  • Whaling was an established in- dustry in Rhode Island as Eearly as 1723, and in 1731 the colonial assembly provided a bounty of five shillings a barrel for whale oil, and a penny a pound for whalebone.
  • The McKinley Bill reduced revenues by its high and in many cases almost prohibitive duties; it put sugar on the free list with a discriminating duty of 30th of one cent a pound on sugar imported from countries giving a bounty for sugar exported, and it gave bounties to American sugar growers; it attempted to protect many "infant" industries such as the manufacture of tin-plate; under its provision for reciprocal trade agreements (a favourite project of James G.
  • From 1899 to 1904 a countervailing duty was imposed on bounty-fed beet sugar.
  • The disciples as they journey are to take no provisions, but to throw themselves Sayings of on the bounty of their hearers; they are to heal the sick and to proclaim the nearness of the kingdom of God.
  • They would only give their support to the Navy Bills of 1897 and 1900 in return for large concessions limiting the importation of margarine and American preserved meat, and the removal of the Indemnitts Na-chweis acted as a kind of bounty on the export of corn.

What's another word for bounty?

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