Sentence Examples

  • He received a small gratuity for his service.
  • But until 354 B.C. it had never been more than a gratuity, of which the payment depended on the treasury having a surplus.
  • A small gratuity is expected by the porter, but he has no legal claim for payment, his maintenance being provided for out of the funds of the institution.
  • The officers met and demanded from the newly-appointed governors deputy the customary gratuity; when this was refused they sent letters to the Porte declaring that they wished to have Mu~tafg Pasha and not Ali Pasha as governor.
  • But after ten years they may enter the "C" division, earn a special gratuity therein, and enjoy the various privileges accorded to the "B" or habitual criminals' division with the additional advantage that there is no interference with their remission.

What's another word for gratuity?

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