Sentence Examples

  • We might pay a premium to support a family farm.
  • These debased currencies are usually at a premium over gold owing to the extreme scarcity of fractional coinage.
  • They pay no premium, and generally receive a salary of P8 to £ 12 in the first year, rising annually to X30 or £35 as staff nurse, and subsequently to x;40 or £50 as sister or head nurse.
  • In 1895 the 6% external debt was converted into a 5% debt, the bonds of which remained at a premium for 1902; in 1896 the alcabalas or interstate customs and municipal octrois were abolished, and replaced in part by direct taxation and increased stamp duties.
  • The natural resources of Guatemala are rich but undeveloped; and the capital necessary for their development is not easily obtained in a country where war, revolution and economic crises recur at frequent intervals, where the premium on gold has varied by no less than 500% in a single year, and where many of the wealthiest cities and agricultural districts have been destroyed by earthquake in one day (18th of April 1902).

What's another word for premium?

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