Sentence Examples

  • The business subsequently proved profitable, good dividends were paid, and the securities for the most part commanded a premium in the market.
  • At harvest-time the produce is placed in the barns of the lessor, who first deducts 25% as premium, then 16% for battiteria (the difference between corn before and after winnowing), then deducts a proportion for rent and subsidies, so that the portion retained by the actual tiller of the soil is extremely meagre.
  • The rise of the industry has been favored by protective tariffs and by a system of excise which allows a considerable premium to manufacturers.
  • The minimum annual premium is six lire for an annuity of one lira per day at the age of sixty, and insurance against sickness.
  • Nevertheless the law of 1881 did not succeed in maintaining the value of the state notes at a par with the metallic currency, and from 1885 onwards there reappeared a gold premium, which during 1899 and 1900 remained at about 7%, but subsequently fell to about Direct Liability of State.) Notes issued Aggregate Date.

What's another word for premium?

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