Sentence Examples

  • In the latest installment of the show, that looking back, seems to serve no purpose but make it okay for one man to date 25 women at one time, Brit bachelor Matt Grant chose 22-year old Shayne Lamas to present with the final rose.
  • Insiders speculate that this could be the final installment of the popular reality competition, as MTV has not contracted additional seasons with the production company in charge of the physically intense Survivor-type show.
  • Twilight Soundtrack: If you have bought the New Moon soundtrack, it is likely that you will want the Twilight soundtrack as well, because Twilight is the first installment of the Twilight Saga-with New Moon being the second.
  • This third installment in the franchise improves upon its predecessors with a new Party Time mode and a better Rehearse mode, as well as having access to the largest library of downloadable songs like "Gangnam Style" by PSY.
  • The software also has significant advantages if you do regular billing such as installment payments or monthly subscriptions, since it can automatically set these up and even integrate with your order fulfillment systems.