Sentence Examples

  • In dealing with continence and incontinence, the same doubts and solutions occur as in the Nicomachean Ethics (Book vii.
  • The nocturnal enuresis or urinary incontinence of children and of adults is frequently relieved by this drug.
  • (1048-1054) the pope suddenly came forward as the active and indefatigable champion of reform; simony and incontinence of the clergy were attacked by the one most qualified to purify the Church of them.
  • In the last few years of his life Newton was troubled with incontinence of urine, which was supposed to be due to stone; but with care he kept the disease under control.
  • 4) he first argues that incontinence about such natural pleasures as that of gain is only modified incontinence, a sign (as causa cognoscendi) of which is that it is not so bad as incontinence about carnal pleasures, and then argues that, because (as causa essendi) it is only modified incontinence, therefore it is not so bad.