Sentence Examples

  • How long until he kicked her out of the apartment, the final act of abandonment after disrupting everything in her life?
  • Nine days after the abandonment of Moscow, a messenger from Kutuzov reached Petersburg with the official announcement of that event.
  • I expect the Minister (Barclay de Tolly) has already reported the abandonment of Smolensk to the enemy.
  • The old man, experienced in court as well as in military affairs--this same Kutuzov who in August had been chosen commander-in-chief against the sovereign's wishes and who had removed the Grand Duke and heir-- apparent from the army--who on his own authority and contrary to the Emperor's will had decided on the abandonment of Moscow, now realized at once that his day was over, that his part was played, and that the power he was supposed to hold was no longer his.
  • Meanwhile the marquis de Rudini, who had succeeded Crispi as Italian premier, had authorized the abandonment of article 17 even before he had heard of the failure of Antonellis negotiations.

What's another word for abandonment?

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