Sentence Examples

  • In Galloway, also, the highest portions of the Uplands have acquired a ruggedness and wildness more like those of the Highlands than an y other district in the south of Scotland.
  • The wildness of this tale refutes itself.
  • And, with but one or two exceptions, they avoided wildness in their language as much as in the general scheme of theology they proposed.
  • In 1897 he was struck down with insanity, and after three months' confinement in the asylum at Upsala, although he recovered his senses, all his joyousness and wildness had left him.
  • The Camoens grotto, where the exiled poet found leisure to celebrate the achievements of his ungrateful country, lies in a secluded spot to the north of the town, which has been partly left in its native wildness strewn with huge granite boulders and partly transformed into a fine botanical garden.

What's another word for wildness?

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