Sentence Examples

  • He sat against a bush and caught his breath, waiting for a repeat performance.
  • It is common on the rands and kopjes of the bush veld.
  • This is the result of my experience in raising beans: Plant the common small white bush bean about the first of June, in rows three feet by eighteen inches apart, being careful to select fresh round and unmixed seed.
  • The bush contains also numerous creepers, one of the most common being known as the armo.
  • It is a small bush propagated from cuttings which are left to grow for three years; the leaves are then stripped, except a few buds which develop next year into young shoots, these being cut and sold in bunches under the name of khat mubarak; next year on the branches cut back new shoots grow; these are sold as khat malhani, or second-year kat, which commands the highest price.

What's another word for bush?

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