A woody plant
  1. shrub
  2. hedge
  3. thicket
  4. plant
  5. bramble
  6. backwoods
  7. shrubbery
  8. boscage
  9. bosch
  10. speak indirectly
  11. branch
  12. scrub
  13. speak evasively
  14. clump
  15. cluster
  16. avoid the subject
  17. forest
  18. avoid the issue
  19. grove
  20. jungle
  21. be deceptive
  22. league
  23. outback
  24. inlayer
  25. underwood
  26. chaparral
Vice president under Reagan and 41st President of the United States (born in 1924)
United States electrical engineer who designed an early analogue computer and who led the scientific program of the United States during World War II (1890-1974)
  1. vannevar bush
Hair growing in the pubic area
  1. pubic-hair
  2. crotch hair
Not of the highest quality or sophistication
  1. bush-league

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