Sentence Examples

  • His fierceness took her breath away, and the dark circles beneath his eyes drew her sympathy.
  • The great blot on his memory is his cruelty, which at times was frightful, and showed itself in its full fierceness in the punishment of persons accused of witchcraft, soothsaying or magical practices.
  • The line of defence adjacent to the battery looked downhill for about 300 yds., giving a clear field of fire for the new Enfield rifle the English carried; but a sharp break in the slope beyond that range gave the assailants plenty of "dead ground" on which to form up. For a time, therefore, the battle was a series of attacks, delivered with great fierceness by the main body of Pavlov's corps, the repulse of each being followed by the disappearance of the assailants.
  • The application to government for aid, however, proved the occasion of a " Voluntary controversy," which raged with great fierceness for many years and has never completely subsided.
  • Xix.-xxi.), and the reputation of fierceness ascribed to him in the blessing of Jacob ("Benjamin is a wolf that teareth," Gen.

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