Sentence Examples

  • His fierceness took her breath away, and the dark circles beneath his eyes drew her sympathy.
  • " The Irish," says Bacon, " did not fail in courage or fierceness, but, being almost naked men, only armed with darts and skeins, it was rather an execution than a fight upon them."
  • In a country divided by sectional jealousies it was impossible to expect a committee of thirty-four members to impose unity of action even in a common cause; and the Spanish rising, the first fierceness of which had carried all before it, lacked the organizing force which alone would have given it permanent success.
  • The controversy thus kindled in China burned for considerably more than a century with great fierceness.'
  • The application to government for aid, however, proved the occasion of a " Voluntary controversy," which raged with great fierceness for many years and has never completely subsided.

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