Sentence Examples

  • Against enclosures by the earl of Manchester, obtaining a commission of the House of Commons to inquire into the case, and drawing upon himself the severe censure of the chairman, the future Lord Clarendon, by his "impetuous carriage" and "insolent behaviour," and by the passionate vehemence he imparted into the business.
  • When we recollect the empiricist starting-point of science, it is curious to observe with what vehemence the average man of science now rejects free will.
  • St Jerome argued against Vigilantius with his accustomed vehemence, and especially meets the objection based on the resemblance between these rites and those of the pagans.
  • The vehemence with which the utterance of the name is denounced in the Mishna - " He who pronounces the Name with its own letters has no part in the world to come!"
  • The vehemence of his temper was controlled by an affectionate disposition.

What's another word for vehemence?

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