Sentence Examples

  • The tiger (Felis tigris) is an animal only rivalled by the lion in size, strength and ferocity among the cat-like beasts of prey.
  • The rival forces met at Sievershausen on the 9th of July 1553, and after a combat of unusual ferocity Albert was put to flight.
  • Notwithstanding the proverbial ferocity of the wolf in a wild state, many instances are recorded of animals taken when quite young becoming tame and attached to the person who has brought them up, when they exhibit many of the ways of a dog.
  • During the absence of Archelaus, who would - the Jews feared - prove his legitimacy by emulating his father's ferocity, and to whom their ambassadors preferred Antipas, the Jews of Palestine gave the lie to their protestations of loyalty and peaceableness.
  • The military spirit was evolved, not in raids and massacres of the usual Asiatic type which create little but intense racial hatred, but in feuds between families and factions of the same race, which restrained ferocity and tended to create a temper like that of the feudal chivalry of Europe.

What's another word for ferocity?

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