Sentence Examples

  • He was surnamed Cursor from his swiftness of foot.
  • The specific name was given on account of the extraordinary swiftness of the animal.
  • He did so with masterly skill and swiftness, and the triumphs of Ulm and Austerlitz hid from view the disaster of Trafalgar; and the only official reference to that crushing defeat was couched in these terms: "Storms caused us to lose some ships of the line after a fight imprudently engaged" (speech to the Legislature, 2nd of March 1806).
  • The swiftness, the strength and the highly developed power of scent in the dog, have made it a powerful ally of man against the other animals; and perhaps these qualities in the dog were necessary to the establishment of society.
  • Of New Zealand, p. 362): "The kiwi is in some measure compensated for the absence of wings by its swiftness of foot.

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