Sentence Examples

  • The expedition was preparing to march on El Obeid.
  • Anlaf Godfreyson returned to Ireland and died in 94194 2 in a raiding expedition in the south of Scotland.
  • The later expedition of the " Pola " discovered the " Rhodes Deep " (36° 5' N., 28° 36' E.), with a maximum depth of 2110 fathoms: this deep is closed to the south-east by a ridge running south-east, over which the depth is 1050 fathoms. Off the coast of Syria the " Pola "obtained four soundings of more than 1100 fathoms, and between Cyprus and the coast of Asia Minor only two over 550 fathoms. Murray gives the following figures for the areas and volumes of the Mediterranean at different depths: which gives a mean depth over all of 768 fathoms. The following table is due to Karstens: Kriimmel gives the total volume of the basin as 4,249,020 cubic kilometres or 1,019,400 cubic statute miles, and the mean depth as 782 fathoms. (See Ocean.) Meteorology.
  • In the eastern basin the " Pola " expedition observed salinities of 38 7 to 39 o to the east of a line joining Cape Matapan with Alexandria, and 38 2 to 38 7 to the west of it.
  • He obtained 150,000 ducats towards the expenses of the expedition from Henry VIII.

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