Sentence Examples

  • The expedition was preparing to march on El Obeid.
  • Anlaf Godfreyson returned to Ireland and died in 94194 2 in a raiding expedition in the south of Scotland.
  • In the eastern basin the " Pola " expedition observed salinities of 38 7 to 39 o to the east of a line joining Cape Matapan with Alexandria, and 38 2 to 38 7 to the west of it.
  • He obtained 150,000 ducats towards the expenses of the expedition from Henry VIII.
  • After joining the "Giovine Italia" he entered the Sardinian navy, and, with a number of companions on board the frigate "Euridice," plotted to seize the vessel and occupy the arsenal of Genoa at the moment when Mazzini's Savoy expedition should enter Piedmont.

What's another word for expedition?

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