Sentence Examples

  • The number (i) expressing the ratio of the two amplitudes is a function of the following quantities: - (T) the volume of the disturbing particle; (r) the distance of the point under consideration from it; (A) the wave-length; (b) the velocity of propagation of light; (D) and (D') the original and altered densities: of which the first three depend only upon space, the fourth on space and time, while the fifth and sixth introduce the consideration of mass.
  • At most stations a+ and a_ both increase markedly as wind velocity rises.
  • The following are some of his figures, the velocity v beings in kilometres per hour: For velocities from o to 24 km.
  • Simpson got similar results at Karasjok; the rise in a + and a_ with increased wind velocity seemed, however, larger in winter than in summer.
  • The wind velocity did not exceed 20 km.

What's another word for velocity?

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