Sentence Examples

  • Like the rest of Greece, Athens suffered greatly from the rapacity of its Byzantine administrators.
  • Scholars will pay little heed to the charges of rapacity, extortion, pomp and luxury made against Paul by the authors of this letter.
  • His rapacity disgusted even an age in which every one could be bought and sold.
  • By 1520 philanthropic churchmen directed their attention to the miserable conditions of the natives; but remedial legislation was largely nullified by the rapacity of subordinate officials, and before the end of the 16th century the natives disappeared as a distinct race.
  • During his later years Lysias - now probably a comparatively poor man owing to the rapacity of the tyrants and his own generosity to the Athenian exiles - appears as a hard-working member of a new profession - that of writing speeches to be delivered in the law-courts.