Sentence Examples

  • His rapacity disgusted even an age in which every one could be bought and sold.
  • Scholars will pay little heed to the charges of rapacity, extortion, pomp and luxury made against Paul by the authors of this letter.
  • Like the rest of Greece, Athens suffered greatly from the rapacity of its Byzantine administrators.
  • Personally unpopular, and the rapacity and insolence of her family was well known.
  • From the 20th of November 1797, till the 9th of July 1798, he was one of the most active, and was certainly the most witty of the contributors to the Anti-Jacobin, a weekly paper started to ridicule the frothy philanthropic and eleutheromaniac rant of the French republicans, and to denounce their brutal rapacity and cruelty.

What's another word for rapacity?

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