Sentence Examples

  • Their command of fleets gave them incontestable advantages, as when, for instance, Otto II.
  • Not internal criticism, but the incontestable results of objective observation have shown once and for all that the relationship between the biblical account of the earliest history (Gen.
  • Whatever reservations may be made as to a certain interested or ambitious side of his character, Pierre d'Ailly, whose devotion to the cause of union and reform is incontestable, remains one of the leading spirits of the end of the 14th and beginning of the 15th centuries.
  • Haser: "Schdnlein has the incontestable merit of having been the first to establish in Germany the exact method of the French and the English, and to impregnate this method with the vivifying spirit of German research."
  • This incontestable result had no effect, apparently, in repressing the 7r-computers.

What's another word for incontestable?

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