Sentence Examples

  • Poor means of communication have always been a great handicap to the industries of the island.
  • I'd like to eliminate your handicap of life's tribulations and fund you.
  • The park is famous for its race-meetings, the principal fixture being the Jubilee Handicap, established in 1887.
  • The fact that its product is shut out of its natural markets, without gaining that of the United States, is also a great handicap. The civic status of the people is still unsettled, but there has been under American rule a notable advance in the well-being of the island.
  • However, they minimized this handicap by joining league to league; in 1381 the Swabian and the Rhenish cities formed an alliance for three years, while the Swabian League obtained promises of help from the Swiss.

What's another word for handicap?

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