Sentence Examples

  • He also had little sleep, as much from partying with the temporarily affluent Mrs. Worthington as concern over Martha's cross country flight from the law.
  • It is formed by the junction of the Bafing or Black river and the Bakhoy or White river, and its chief affluent is the Faleme.
  • Its principal affluent, the Baule (Red river), and its headstreams rise farther east on the northern slopes of the hills which above Bamako shut in the Niger.
  • ATBARA (Bahr-el-Aswad, or Black River), the most northern affluent of the river Nile, N.E.
  • Until joined by its right-hand affluent the Aldan,which deflects it to the north-west; then, after receiving its most important left-hand tributary, the Vilyui, it makes its way nearly due N.

What's another word for affluent?

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