Sentence Examples

  • Although this fact will not in itself make the companies liable to any process of reorganization similar to that following insolvency and foreclosure of the American railway, it is probable that reorganization of some sort must nevertheless take place in Great Britain, and it may well be questioned whether the position of the transportation system of that country would not have been better if it had been built up and projected on the experience gained by actual earlier losses, as in the United States.
  • Of three judges each, ten districts (some with sub-divisions) of the common pleas court, the superior court of Cincinnati, probate courts, courts of insolvency in Cuyahoga and Hamilton counties, juvenile courts (established in 1904), justice of the peace courts and municipal courts.
  • 27); (iii.) by the bankruptcy or insolvency of the tenant, at the landlord's option, if it is so stipulated in the lease; (iv.) by the destruction, by fire, of the subject leased, unless the landlord is bound to restore it.
  • In order to protect dealers against the losses due to the insolvency of those with whom they have had transactions, weekly settlements on the exchange have been made compulsory; between brokers and their clients they are also usual.
  • The extensive building operations engaged in by the town council in the early part of the, 9th century resulted in the insolvency of the city in 1833.

What's another word for insolvency?

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