Sentence Examples

  • A quartz vein or bed of hard rock may show itself as a sharp ridge or as a well-defined bench; a stratum of soft rock or the line of a great fissure, or the weakening of the strata by an anticlinal fold, may produce a ravine or a deep valley.
  • On the other hand, he took a lively part in the politico-religious controversies within the fold of Prussian Protestantism.
  • ` L I S ° fold K 3 a o '0' Scale, 0 o 4 -Z 5° 4z C Longitude East 44 of Greenwich D A B college of the government, in which, like the others, they form a separate curia.
  • Unsettled at her unusual weakness, she watched Sami's squat form fold with difficulty as he crouched beside her.
  • Other institutions belonging to the state are the national sheep-fold of Rambouillet (Seine-et-Oise) and the cow-house of Vieux-Pin (Orne) for the breeding of Durham cows.

What's another word for fold?

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