Sentence Examples

  • I'm going to take him for a ride to loosen up.
  • The legend of an imprisoned pope, subject to every whim of his gaolers, had nevet- failed to arouse the pity and loosen the purse-strings of the faithful; dangerous innovators and would-be reformers within the church could be compelled to bow before the symbol of the temporal power, and their spirit of submission tested by their readiness to forgo the realization of their aims until the head of the church should be restored to his rightful domain.
  • Vtc.?p, water, X' av, to loosen), in chemistry, a decomposition brought about by water after the manner shown in the equation R X-1-H OH=R H+X OH.
  • Absolutio from absolvo, loosen, acquit), a term used in civil and ecclesiastical law, denoting the act of setting free or acquitting.
  • And further, by inviting them to loosen, though not exactly to dissolve, their political allegiance - the very thing that gave them stability - it removed the foundation on which they rested.

What's another word for loosen?

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