Sentence Examples

  • These end of the world themes tend to intertwine with others such as the retaliation of artificial intelligence, epidemics and man’s consumption of natural resources.
  • Intertwine some small white Christmas lights into them, and have holly and berries woven into the swag.
  • Head Mask: A mask to cover the entire head, usually worn so as to show off more elaborate designs on the back of the mask, such as animal hair, feathers or fabric that would intertwine with the wearer's costume.
  • For example, Honda will utilize the Accord's platform for more than just the Accord, and General Motors will intertwine six platforms between just five brand lines, thus cutting assembly costs.
  • Storyline B is typically humorous or at least partially comedic and may intertwine with Storyline A and other storylines in order to keep them moving forward.