Sentence Examples

  • If someone created a dance they are exceptionally proud of, or if they are part of an online collaboration group, they may post certain pieces online so other people can glean ideas or replicate combinations for their own programs.
  • In one mode of adenovirus infection (called lytic infection because it destroys large numbers of cells), adenoviruses kill healthy cells and replicate up to 1 million new viruses per cell killed, of which 1 to 5 percent are infectious.
  • They continue to daily replicate the originally designed scents, while discovering new ones that fit in line with the philosophy of what Caron Paris has always stood for - excellence and finery for those who want the best for their skin.
  • It will also give you a chance not only to run the distance you want, but to improve your time.You can replicate the effort of an outdoor run by setting the incline at 1 to 2 percent to compensate for wind and surface resistance.
  • This means that a ring that might once have been hand carved and therefore be extremely expensive to replicate, might now be made through machine carving or have been cast, which are much less expensive production methods.