Sentence Examples

  • In response to dangerous and repeated binge drinking and underage drinking situations on some campuses that have appeared on the list, administrators have taken dramatic actions to reduce drinking and partying among students.
  • Because of her treatment, the 23-year-old has cancelled her concerts in Germany where she was supposed to open for The Rolling Stones.According to Times Online, Winehouse said she didn't know why she went on a partying binge.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (learning new behavior), group therapy, or interpersonal psychotherapy may be employed to uncover the emotional motives, distorted thinking, and behavioral patterns behind the binge eating.
  • Moreover, as binge drinking becomes a bigger problem on many campuses throughout the nation, schools that don't crack down on the issue risk losing the money of parents who want to send their children to good schools.
  • A binge is defined as a time-limited (usually under two hours) episode of compulsive eating in which the individual consumes a significantly larger amount of food than most people would eat in similar circumstances.