Sentence Examples

  • Unless you are part of a high income family and an Oilily backpack is hardly a splurge for your eight-year-old daughter, then it might be wise to save this amazing accessory for special outings and events as opposed to the schoolyard.
  • Push that trip to see Aunt Edna back to mid-January or February, April, May, or the middle of September or December and you'll be able to splurge a bit while you're there with the money you've managed to save on your airline tickets.
  • For example, if you don't care about your clothes, but you're passionate about horror movies, it's fine to shop for your wardrobe at the Salvation Army so you can splurge on a deluxe DVD box set for your movie collection.
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for a snack to splurge on and have to make the decision between an organic chocolate bar and a regular chocolate bar, the overall healthier choice is the organic chocolate bar.
  • While the hotel may be more expensive than what you'd ordinarily consider, by staying close to home you can afford to splurge on a larger room, in-room whirlpool, spa treatments, or other decadent delights.