Sentence Examples

  • One thing you might want to do if you are a serious lingerie collector is use a Google Alerts note under "Rampage Lingerie Sale," and then you can monitor private listings and blog posts.
  • Since you can't simply go to the website and browse all the different looks, you'll need to get more familiar with the Rampage collection through careful research on past offerings.
  • No longer content to ride the coattails of his friend Busta Rhymes, Rampage grabbed Sean Paul and The Neptunes and came up with this infectious little ditty.
  • One of the greatest challenges of Rampage lingerie is finding out what is available, particularly in the case of discontinued styles like bras and panties.
  • Another example of an uphill sell was the over-the-top Redneck Rampage series, a hellfire and humor production from the Running with Scissors people.