Sentence Examples

  • He didn.t stay to hear the splash this time but walked through the shadow world toward the only portal that glowed black, the portal to Hell.
  • They ran until daylight then slowed.  Gabe followed a trail Rhyn couldn't see that led them to a stream.  The assassin stopped and knelt to splash water on his face.
  • Even the splash of the anchor in the water, and the noise of the cable running out through the hawse-hole, in no way disturbed them at their occupation, or caused them to evince the slightest curiosity.
  • One genus of Thomisidae (Phognarachne), which inhabits the Oriental region, adopts the clever device of spinning on the surface of a leaf a sheet of web resembling the fluid portions of a splash of bird's dung, the more solid central portions being represented by the spider itself, which waits in the middle of the patch to seize the butterflies or other insects that habitually feed on birds' excrement and are attracted to the patch mistaking it for their natural food.
  • To destroy the red spider, syringe the plants copiously at night, and splash the paths with water.

What's another word for splash?

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