Sentence Examples

  • A real live mystery, even if it's probably only a fender-bender auto case.
  • The British diplomatist secured his first triumph in the signature of the treaty of Bucharest (May 28, 1812) whereby Khotin, Bender, Kilia and Akkerman were left to Russia; the frontier was fixed at the Pruth; the Asiatic boundary was slightly modified.
  • Theseus hoisted the Pine-Bender on his own pine-tree.
  • Someone near her gasped, and Deidre glanced up, expecting to see a fender bender or similar issue in the street.
  • On the 1st of February 1713 he was attacked by the Turks in his camp at Bender, and made prisoner after a contest which reads more like an extravagant episode from some heroic folk-tale than an incident of sober 18th-century history.

What's another word for bender?

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