Sentence Examples

  • How is my little fruit bat doing?
  • " The wing of the bat bears a considerable resemblance to that of the insect, inasmuch as it consists of a delicate, semi-transparent, continuous membrane, supported in divers directions, particularly towards its anterior margin, by a system of osseous stays or stretchers which confer upon it the degree of rigidity requisite for flight.
  • BAT,' a name for any member of the zoological order Chirop tera.
  • It is necessary, therefore, at this stage to direct the attention of the reader somewhat fully to the subject of flight, as witnessed in the insect, bird and bat, a knowledge of natural flight preceding, and being in some sense indispensable to, a knowledge of artificial flight.
  • He became a politician through his Junius-like letters to the "Murcielago " - The Bat, a satirical political journal - and by drawing up the manifesto of Manzanares in 1854 for Marshal O'Donnell, of whom he always remained a loyal adherent.

What's another word for bat?

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