Sentence Examples

  • For a special occasion, it's often worth the splurge for a great name to know you'll have the perfect look, be it a party, holiday event, formal dance or dinner, charity event, or some other gala affair.
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for a snack to splurge on and have to make the decision between an organic chocolate bar and a regular chocolate bar, the overall healthier choice is the organic chocolate bar.
  • While the hotel may be more expensive than what you'd ordinarily consider, by staying close to home you can afford to splurge on a larger room, in-room whirlpool, spa treatments, or other decadent delights.
  • Whether you splurge and buy a new outfit or bargain hunt for a treasure, once you experience the comfort and style of Eileen Fisher plus size clothing, you may fall in love with her designs.
  • If you've made the decision to splurge, you can rest assured you'll have a blast choosing the right pair (or pairs, if you're feeling especially frugal or just happen to love your flip flops).