Sentence Examples

  • Which are the values of and we insert within this series the successive powers of x, where x is such that x 100 = 2.
  • Ideas of all sorts poured in upon him while he was writing, and he was not always able to resist the temptation to insert them whether pertinent or not.
  • It is probable that he was the author of the law which left it to the discretion of the pontiffs to insert or omit the intercalary month of the year.
  • Assuming at the outset an opposition between the two, self and matter of knowledge, he is driven by the exigencies of the problem of reconciliation to insert term after term as means of bringing them together, but never succeeds in attaining a junction which is more than mechanical.
  • Each bundle runs downwards through one internode and then divides into two branches which insert themselves on the alternating bundles entering at this node.

What's another word for insert?

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