Sentence Examples

  • The stranger, Isaac Beeckman, principal of the college of Dort, offered to do so into Latin, if the inquirer would bring him a solution of the problem, - for the advertisement was one of those challenges which the mathematicians of the age were accustomed to throw down to all corners, daring them to discover a geometrical mystery known as they fancied to themselves alone.
  • Ladybirds are often brightly marked with spots and dashes, their coloration being commonly regarded as an advertisement of inedibility.
  • He also attempted to regain for the Romans the custody of the high priest's vestments; but the Jews appealed to the emperor against the revival of this advertisement of their servitude.
  • 15.2 Mec. An., Advertisement to 1st ed.
  • He anonymously offered a quantity of the metal for sale at an instrument-maker's shop, issuing an advertisement in which some of its main properties were described.

What's another word for advertisement?

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