Sentence Examples

  • After the children's overalls were featured in a national advertisement, sales skyrocketed, and OshKosh expanded its line of children's clothing and eventually began manufacturing only children's products and accessories.
  • In 1955, however, Santa first appeared as a blip on radar screens when an advertisement for Sears Roebuck & Co. in Colorado Springs, Colorado, published a telephone number that children could call and speak to Santa.
  • Most gas station owners use the clever tactic of placing credit card applications right on the pumps alongside an advertisement that shows customers how much money they can potentially save by using one of the cards.
  • If Taurus isn't careful, she may end up in a situation like the sad scenes from television advertisement campaigns warning against the hazards of a single match or tossed cigarette; that is, a "scorched earth".
  • The company also launched a division that produces direct-selling advertisement (also known as infomercials) for other networks and has expanded its relationship with other television networks and publications.