Sentence Examples

  • A bridge of this pattern has the advantage that the insertion or removal of a plug in the measuring arm does not tend to tighten or loosen all the rest of the plugs; moreover, there are fewer plugs to manipulate, and each plug is occupied.
  • If we consider any short length of the stream bounded by two imaginary cross-sections A and B on either side of the plug, unit mass of the fluid in passing A has work, p'v', done on it by the fluid behind and carries its energy, E'+ U', with it into the space AB, where U' is the kinetic energy of flow.
  • This apparatus has two coils, one of which, connected across the line, is provided for the purpose of projecting the shutter, while the other is intended for its restoration and is joined in a local circuit arranged to be closed when a plug is inserted in any one of the associated jacks.
  • In one form of Wheatstone's Bridge, known as the series pattern plug-resistance bridge, or Post Office pattern, the two ratio arms, P and Q, each consist of a series of coils of wire, viz.
  • Ten brass blocks are arranged parallel to or around another brass block, and by means of a plug which fits into holes bored partly out of the common block and partly out of the surrounding blocks, any one of the latter can be connected with the common one.

What's another word for plug?

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