Sentence Examples

  • Did you chew her out in front of everyone?
  • Known as durra is now cultivated over the entire continent, and has become the most important cereal; the natives also chew the stem, which contains sugar.
  • He was present at Princeton; was chiefly responsible for the mistake in attacking the "Chew House" at Germantown; urged New York as the objective of the campaign of 1778; served with efficiencylat Monmouth and at Yorktown; and after the surrender of Cornwallis was promoted major-general, and served as a commissioner on the exchange of prisoners.
  • Pecora, or true ruminants as they may be conveniently called, have complex stomachs and chew the cud; they have no upper incisor teeth; and the lower canines are approximated to the outer incisors in such a manner that the three incisors and the one canine of the two sides collectively form a continuous semicircle of four pairs of nearly similar teeth.
  • Sofi would chew him out if he gave Bianca to her like she was, and he himself couldn't help but feel somewhat concerned that she'd gone unresponsive.