Sentence Examples

  • The earth-stopper "stops out" and "puts to" - the first expression signifying blocking, during the night, earths and drains to which foxes resort, the second performing the same duties in the morning so as to prevent the fox from getting to ground when he has been found.
  • Servants necessary for a pack include the huntsman, the duties of whose office a master sometimes fulfils himself; two whippers-in, an earth-stopper and often a kennel huntsman is also employed, thou h the 18th Lord Willoughby.
  • The fundamental idea of Soxhlet's method for sterilizing milk is to boil it for forty minutes in small bottles holding just enough for one meal, and closing the same with an impervious stopper, which is only removed just before use.
  • 2) of a capacity varying from To to Too cc., fitted with an accurately ground stopper, which is vertically perforated by a fine hole.
  • To support the tube containing the substance to be experimented upon, and so avoids the objection to the practice of withdrawing the stopper of the tube, dropping the substance in, and reinserting the stopper.

What's another word for stopper?

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