Sentence Examples

  • These usually have two handles, one for hot and one for cold water, but the handles and the spigot form one unit that is attached to the plumbing through one hole in the sinktop or countertop.
  • Locate your vegetable garden near a hose, spigot, or rain barrel, or at least close enough so that you can easily run a hose from the water source into the garden as needed.
  • Finally, it somehow seems less romantic to whip out a box of wine and pour it from a spigot at a candle lit dinner than it does to uncork a bottle of wine and sip at it.
  • Widespreads have two handles and a spigot and they are all separate pieces, meaning the sink or counter must have three holes in it to attach each piece.
  • First, there is the centerset style, which consists of a spigot with the water control handle attached to its top or side.