Sentence Examples

  • There was one vent in the ceiling, not large enough for her hand let alone her body.
  • He hung up before the Deans could vent their frustration.
  • Contrasted with the wise are fools, and on these the sages vent their scorn abundantly (xii.
  • The lava is emitted from the volcanic vent at a high temperature, but on exposure to the air it rapidly consolidates superficially, forming a crust which in many cases is soon broken up by the continued flow of the subjacent liquid lava, so that the surface becomes rugged with clinkers.
  • It is headed by a thurifer carrying a smoking thurible; then comes the sub-deacon carrying the cross between two acolytes with lighted tapers; the clergy next in order, the celebrant corning last with the deacon on his left, all carrying branches and singing antiphonally, so long as the procession lasts, the account of the entry into Jerusalem, ending with "Benedictus qui vent in nomine Domini: Hosanna in excelsis."

What's another word for vent?

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