Sentence Examples

  • This type of pump is, however, not very efficient, for there is not only leakage about the valves and between the piston and cylinder, but at a certain degree of exhaust the air within the vessel is insufficient to raise the inlet valve; this last defect has been met in some measure by using an extension of the piston to open and close the valve.
  • The inlet pipe enters an elliptical vessel which communicates with the cylinder a little way up from its base, whilst at the base there is a relief tube leading into the elliptical vessel already mentioned.
  • ZUIDER ZEE, or Zuyder Zee, a land-locked inlet on the coast of Holland, bounded N.
  • This island separates the Gulf of Taranto from the deep inlet of the Mare Piccolo, and is sheltered by two other flat islands, San Pietro and San Paolo; the latter is occupied by a lighthouse.
  • From the English Channel, at the head of an inlet or estuary which receives only small streams, on a sharply sloping site.

What's another word for inlet?

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