Sentence Examples

  • It is convenient to employ a specific name for a projection of a coast-line less pronounced than a peninsula, and for an inlet less pronounced than a bay or bight; outcurve and incurve may serve the turn.
  • It is separated from the mainland by two narrow straits, and save for these channels blocks the entrance to a large bight identified with the Lake Triton of the Romans.
  • The only break in this remarkable run of rocky coast is at Rackwick in the bight below the head of Rora.
  • The bay formed by the configuration of the land between Cape St Paul and the Nun mouth of the Niger is known as the Bight of Benin, the name being that of the once powerful native state whose territory formerly extended over the whole district.
  • In the Bight of Biafra the coast forms an exception, being high and bold, with the Cameroon Mountains for background.

What's another word for bight?

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