Sentence Examples

  • There are three colleges, and the Biki mosque is a fine building inlaid with blue and white tiles.
  • The eyes in both cases were inlaid, those of the lions with red jasper, white shell and blue schist: this imitation of the eyes in stone as well as metal figures was a feature common to both arts, which were at this time assuredly not without direct or indirect connexion.
  • It is inlaid with designs in colour and black and white, representing Biblical and legendary subjects, and is supposed to have been begun by Duccio della Buoninsegna.
  • Square, and surrounded by a cloister open on both sides, is paved with granite inlaid with marble, and commands a fine view of the city.
  • That of Humayun, the second of the Mogul dynasty, is a noble building of rose-coloured sandstone inlaid with white marble.