Sentence Examples

  • Serpents are very common, both venomous and non-venomous; the pythons attain a great size.
  • Some -of the snakes of India are to be seen in the hotter regions, including the python and some of the venomous species, the cobra being found as high up as 8000 or 9000 ft., though not common.
  • At first he was vastly pleased with the city and court of Rome; but his satisfaction ere long turned to discontent, and he gave vent to his ill-humour in a venomous satire on the pope's treasurer, 1MIilliardo Cicala.
  • As its name indicates it was first discovered in Persia, where the belief in the venomous nature of its bite to human beings is both widespread and historical.

What's another word for venomous?

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