Sentence Examples

  • A rifle cracked, piercing the silence with deadly import.
  • The highway department would periodically close the road and, using explosive devices, create slides in a controlled condition, lessening the chance for a surprising and perhaps deadly run loosed by nature on the unsuspecting below.
  • Glancing over his shoulder at his advancing pursuer, he knew he'd have to drop far enough and rapidly enough to pass Shipton before the killer could swing out with his deadly ax.
  • With deadly accuracy, she threw the ball at him, laughing when it bounced off his leather coat and sprayed a mist of white crystals in his face.
  • Gabe and a few other assassins in black fought off hordes of demons.  Surprised, Rhyn launched into the melee with his dagger.  He slashed through several demons before the creatures realized he was there.  Wanting to keep them off balance, he morphed into his demon form and shredded the creatures with talons and fangs as deadly as theirs.

What's another word for deadly?

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