Sentence Examples

  • Moreover, we have good reasons for inferring that different constellations of external causes may determine whether the internal physiological disturbances induced by a given agent shall lead to pathological and dangerous variations, or to changes which may be harmless or even advantageous to the plant concerned.
  • It is sluggish in its movements, and so harmless that its armature and (to a casual observer) repulsive appearance are its sole means of defence.
  • Copperhead snakes and rattlesnakes are occasionally seen, and there are several species of harmless serpents.
  • They are harmless and inoffensive creatures, offering no resistance when caught; their principal means of escape being the extraordinary rapidity with which they burrow in the ground, and the tenacity with which they retain their hold in their subterranean retreats.
  • Apparently the only instances of mimicry known amongst reptiles occur amongst snakes; and in all the cases quoted by Wallace harmless snakes mimic venomous species.

What's another word for harmless?

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