Sentence Examples

  • Unchewed oats pass out in the faeces uninjured, so that they are capable of germination, and are of less than no value to a horse.
  • According to some, he leapt his horse from the ramparts, and alighted uninjured, though the horse was killed by the fall; others say that he was prevented from joining his comrades, and discovered the treachery while waiting without the gate.
  • Hardly any scene even in this extraordinary city is more striking than the coup d'csil of this long street of tombs, preserving uninjured the records of successive generations eighteen centuries ago.
  • The baboon took it, held it in her hands for a few moments, and then let it escape uninjured without trying to taste it.
  • She contrived to escape uninjured during the crisis of the Popish Plot in 1678.

What's another word for uninjured?

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